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Meeting in homes to make disciples who make disciples,

both inside and outside First Baptist Miami.

Discipleship & Relationship

What's the point of Home Groups?

  • We want to create informal environments where we can get to know each other on a deeper level, where we can pray together, and where we can share the truth of God's Word with one another.

  • We want those informal environments to be the church in the community, places where we can immerse people in Christ's love without the formality of Sunday morning.

  • We want to help people mature in their faith by talking practically about walking with Christ, by allowing Scripture to teach, and by challenging one another to take bigger steps of trust.

  • We want everyone to lead a Home Group, eventually. We want to share the responsibility and multiply the reach of the Gospel in the community.  

What Do I have to do

if I join a home Group?


    • To God's Word. We can only experience the life-changing power of God if we are impacted by the truth of His Word. Commit to spending time in Scripture regularly, submit yourself to the authority of the Bible, and ask God to teach you when you do.​

    • To the process. Home Groups are a process. You may not know anyone in your group, but that will only last for the first week or so. Friendships and change take time, so give your Home Group a chance.


Most people want to be mysterious and secretive about themselves. But deep relationships come from being open with others–sharing your hurts, struggles, heartaches, and opinions–and allowing them to accept you as you are. Be yourself, and be open.


Your leaders will be praying for you. Pray for your leaders, for others in your group, and for someone you might bring with you. Pray that God would use you in your group to make an impact in someone's life. 

 Current home Groups

@ The Allen's

Sunday Evening @ 5:45

Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study

@ The Ediger's

Thursday Evening @ 6:00

"Getting to the Heart of Parenting" 

@ The Price's

Sunday Evening @ 6:00

"Tactics" | Practical Evangelism

@ Richard's

Friday Evening @ 6:30

"What Is Truth?"

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