We want to make giving more accessible and more simple. The offering plate continues to be passed week after week during Sunday morning worship, but for those who desire to give by a different method, we want to meet you halfway.

We have made electronic giving an option for giving offerings, tithes, and donations.

We hope that you find these options helpful and simple as we strive to serve you.


Features of this option:​

  • Give donations and gifts electronically using your bank account 

  • Set up a recurring automatic draft 

  • Associated fees:

    • $0.35 transaction fee **

    • 0.5% service fee **​

    • (We recommend this method)


Click "Give" to get started


Features of this option:

  • Give donations and gifts electronically using your debit card

  • Set up recurring giving 

  • Associated fees:

    • $0.35 - transaction fee ** 

    • 2.45% - service fee **



Click "Give" to get started

* Also called ACH (Automatic Clearing House) or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

** First Baptist Miami assumes the cost of all fees for your giving; the fees incurred only affect your total reported charitable giving. See FAQ's below for more details.


Q: Why do I have to pay fees to give my tithe/offering/donation?

A: We have partnered with a third party to enable us to make online giving a possibility. The fees associated with either giving options goes directly to them. First Baptist Church incurs the cost of each transaction. If you desire to avoid all fees, cash and check are still accepted. If you prefer to pay online, we recommend the automatic draft option as it has much lower fees. 

Q: How much of my giving is reported in order to deduct for my charitable contributions for tax purposes?

A: Because we have to pay fees in order to make this option available, only the amount of the contribution that goes to the church will be counted as charitable contributions. Example: Sam gives $10,000 to FBC for a year, using his debit card to give every month. At the end of the fiscal year, his contribution comes out to only $9,750.80: $10,000 - $245 (total debit card service fees at 2.45%) - $4.20 (12 monthly transaction fees at $0.35). There is an option to pay the additional 2.45% in order to have your contribution shown as the amount you want to give. In Sam's case, he would end up giving $10,249.20 in order for his charitable contributions to equal $10,000. 

Q: Why can't I use my credit card?

A: 1) In Scripture, the idea of giving always comes from what the giver actually has. The widow who gave her mite did not defer her extravagant gift (although it was less than a penny's value) but rather gave generously even out of her poverty. Using a credit card doesn't hurt, and therefore, it's not a sacrificial gift. 2) We desire that everyone be unbound by any master other than Jesus Christ. With credit card debt being so commonplace, we don't want to create a stumbling block or give any opportunity for enslavement. If you can only give with a credit card, then seek God for another way to give. 

Q: Do I have to give online or can I still write a check or give cash?

A: We will always receive checks and cash as offerings, tithes, and donations. You do not have to give online unless you want to. This is simply our effort to provide an additional, technologically relevant option for givers to give their tithes, offerings, and donations.


If you have additional questions regarding online giving,

please contact

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